"Recently I was referred to Dominic Greco. He is a Real Estate Broker who owns his own business.

When I met him, he told me that he owns his own business because he does not want to be confined to Corporate's narrow view of real estate.

Originally, I just wanted to sell my rental home. Dominic asked me if I had considered other options? He suggested we research to see if we could first split the property into 2 parcels. It was a great suggestion and it greatly increased my profits."

- Kay M.



"I've used Dominic Greco's Real Estate company to sell my Elk Grove home and to purchase a separate home. My savings was well over $7,500 in reduced commissions."

- Patty G.



“Dominic Greco helped my family sell our home and purchase a new one. This was the second time I’ve used him to sell a home. He saved us well over $15,000 in commission cost over a conventional real estate company for our 3 real estate transactions."

- Kristin S.