6 percent

In 2002, Sacramento Magazine wrote a 3 page article on Dominic’s program. They suggested that his program might be the way of the future. Dominic believes they were right.

Before the term “Real Estate Disruption” ever came into existence, there was Dominic Greco and his fixed price, full service real estate listing program. He always believed, and still does, that selling a home is too expensive in terms of commissions.

It was not easy in 1998, when his mission was to do what no other REALTORSĀ® doing which was to put the customer first ahead of the company dollar. It’s why he avoided joining a corporate real estate business and thus being indoctrinated.

The future is here and the new term for such untraditional real estate listing programs is called “Real Estate Disruption”. However, none of these disruptors are offering what Dominic’s company is offering.

There were other discount listing programs in 1998, but Dominic noticed they all offered limited services to the home Seller.

Dominic is a step ahead of everyone else by putting himself in the Seller’s shoes whenever he has a new program idea. He asks himself “would this save the Seller money and give the Seller an option never offered before?” He then designs the program around the Seller’s best interest and then figures out how to make it profitable for the company.