• Simplified transaction – Service Professionals such as appraisers, loan officers, title/escrow, and inspectors work with one agent instead of two.
  • Savings – By eliminating the listing agent from the transaction, we eliminate the cost of the listing agent commission.
  • Speed – By eliminating duplicated efforts, the duration of escrow is shortened.  

The Problem

STEPAHEADRE.COM knows there’s a fundamental problem with residential real estate commissions.  It’s a lack of fairness in terms of who pays for them.   All real estate websites, regardless of their fee structure, have one thing in common.  They recommend the Seller pays around 3% commission to the Buyer’s agent. This is the industry standard. The industry’s explanation is that both the Buyer’s agent and Seller’s agent work together to sell your home.   Years ago, it was thought that more homes would sell if all commissions were paid by the Seller since the Seller is getting money from the deal. 

If the Seller chooses not to use an agent and instead uses a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) company, the Seller still pays the Buyer’s agent around 3%.  This means the Buyer gets free representation by an expert agent who is trained to get as much out of the Seller as possible, while the Seller gets no representation.  According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 95% of all FSBOs fail and end up converting to a full service, full commission deal.  As a result, they end up paying around 6% in commissions between the Seller’s agent and Buyer’s agent.

The Solution

STEPAHEADRE.COM has a solution.  Our program is designed to save the Seller time and money.  With our program, the Buyer’s agent represents both the Buyer and Seller as a Dual Agent beginning when a Residential Purchase Agreement is submitted to the Seller.  As such, both the Buyer and Seller get professional representation without two agents trying to compete with one another during the negotiations process.  Meanwhile, the Seller saves thousands of dollars in commissions since only one agent is being paid. 

Using a Dual Agent also improves the transaction timeline by streamlining the process. Many agents agree that when a Buyer and Seller are both working with the same agent, forms and documents can be prepared and signed more quickly.  As a result, offers and counteroffers are communicated more quickly making it easier to close escrow in a timely manner. is ready to save you time and money.  Call or email us today to get started.