BoldRE Helps You Market

StepaheadRE helps with marketing and increasing your home’s value. 

Your home selling goal should be to appeal to potential Buyers thereby boosting the property’s listing price. Put aside personal preferences and concentrate on overall appeal to the largest number of Buyers. Discretionary money is all you should devote to improvements or remodeling projects. Maximize your ROI (return on investment).

Take your time when it comes to selling your home. It’s more important to have your home 100% ready than it is to time the sale to a certain season. Work room by room. Start with the room closest to the door where the Buyers will walk through first when looking at your home to buy. Work your way from that room back to the last room that the Buyers would look at. Buyers and everybody else have an ever-decreasing attention span and first impressions become more important by the minute. A Buyer forms their first impression of your home before they ever walk through the door that’s why curb appeal is so important. Appealing and inviting at first glance from the street is your goal. That’s why landscaping, lighting, and paint, your home’s exterior warmth, safety, and a general homey feeling is your first priority.

Heating, plumping, water tightness and electrical have to be in top working order. Otherwise your home will be thought of as a fixer-upper, Buyers don’t want to tackle repairs or worry about maintenance issues. Any major issues could derail a potential sale at the home inspection phase.

We all love square footage. Families are unique, and homes have to adapt to their family’s individual needs and preferences. You’ll derive more value out of your home by allowing your home to fit a wide range of household combinations. Finished basements, rooms that can serve as offices or guest bedrooms will get the most out of your square footage

Kitchens and bathrooms play a critical role and are the rooms that Buyers notice most and must feel a connection to. Buyers will pick their own kitchen décor so all that’s needed is a clean white bright and airy kitchen with a few pops of color. Stainless steel appliances tend to have the most mass appeal.

Know what sells in your market, request that StepaheadRE send you pictures of homes that have just sold in your neighborhood. By looking at the pictures you can see a trend of what today’s Buyers are visually locking onto when purchasing homes. Choose what Buyers want, make your home stand out while remembering ROI. High-end end finishes are required in high end markets. In other neighborhoods, pick a few splurges that will be notice. One professional painted accent wall or an eye-catching backsplash can give the kitchen a whole new feel without breaking the bank.

Beautiful bathrooms are also high on a Buyer’s list. Buyers need to escape into their home oasis after a stressful day. The closer a bathroom is to an at-home spa, with luxury appointments (steam shower, Heated floors and speaker systems) the more likely the Buyers will envision themselves buying the home.

Technology, Energy-efficient upgrades, tools and gadgets in our home that makes our lives easier and help us get things done and let Buyers stay organized and connected will likely be a hit.