Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a home needs to be done right and people equate spending tens of thousands on commissions as doing it right.  They are right in regards to doing it right.  However, more money spent on commissions does not equate to the best sales strategy.  What’s important is getting full service representation during the sales process.  At Step Ahead Real Estate, we make sure that all of the critical points of the transaction are overseen by professional representation.

It is the Multiple Listing Service.  It is this industries standard way to make every Buyer, Seller and agent aware of available real estate inventory. 

You are best served by having us list your home over the phone.  MLS listings are quite detailed.  From our first contact, we can input your home’s demographics on MLS.  If needed, we can hold it in incomplete status until you are ready to continue. Once you are satisfied with your pictures, sign, staging and price, you can give us the OK and we will send you a lockbox. Upon receiving your lockbox, you will insert your house key and give us the OK to activate your MLS listing.   You will save thousands of dollars in real estate commission while your home is still exposed to all REALTORS®.

YES.  MLS listings are automatically downloaded to all real estate related web sites and the Buyers will see no difference between your listing and a 6% listing.  Survey shows that 90% of Buyers start looking for properties on the internet.  When it comes to your MLS listing, full commission listing agents have no more tangibles to offer than Step Ahead Real Estate.

YES.  Our service includes internet exposure on all MLS affiliated sites including®, Redfin, Windermere, Coldwell Banker, Re/Max, and all others. All properties listed on MLS will be instantly displayed on local and national real estate websites.  MLS allows a direct data feed to the websites of all member offices and agents.

As long as the listing was cancelled by contract between you and the listing broker, you can list with

Yes.  A typical agent’s sign tells nothing about a property and everything about the agent. BoldRE is vastly different.  Your 6’ X 3” banner is customizable specifically for your property. Your inside photos can be included and we can list special points about your home.   Your banner can be delivered to you within 7 days of contacting us.

All calls for showings will come directly to you.  We recommend you provide your most reachable number.  It is also recommended that you have an alternate number of another person who can provide possible showing appointment times.

No.  We have designed this program to be easy.  It is all done electronically and over the phone.

Only if you want one.  If desired, we will provide an MLS lock box.  We will ask for a deposit which will be refunded when the lock box is returned to us. 

  1. Place your house key in the bottom of the lockbox key holder.
  2. Slide the key holder into the bottom of the lockbox.
  3. The lockbox shackle will remain locked. A cable lock will be locked to the shackle.  Unlock the cable lock with the key provided. 
  4. Lock the cable lock (with lockbox attached) to the water main pipe. If you prefer a different location, please contact us first as we may need to put a special note on MLS.

Yes.  Lockboxes are virtually impregnatable and getting a key out of lockbox by force is almost impossible.  A call to your local Board of REALTORS® will confirm this.

Yes. We encourage this.  The Buyer is going to look for the same things that you did when you fell in love with your home but it can be difficult to relay these things to a photographer. The truth is that homes sell themselves.   

Yes, as many as needed.

No. Unfortunately, we are only licensed to serve California at this time.   Service in additional states is coming soon.